Here you can support the direct collection of the Embassy of Ukraine in the Czech Republic through a QR payment.
As of 14.11.2022, CZK 1,520,000,000 was collected and CZK 1,356,000,000 was spent in the collection of the Embassy of Ukraine in the Czech Republic.
Here you can support the collection of Charita Czech Republic via QR payment.

Statement by Freedom for Ukraine Initiative



For any help to be at its most effective, it must come QUICKLY and be aimed DIRECTLY where it is most needed



Therefore we call on everyone concerned about the fate of Ukraine and her citizens and all freedom-loving people of Europe to donate to one of the money collections specified below as they see fit.

The financial collection organised by the Embassy of Ukraine in the Czech Republic is intended for direct purchases of materiel necessary for the defence of Ukrainian territories under assault, i.e. weapons and protective and other equipment for the armed defenders of Ukraine. The account number accepting donations in Czech koruna is 304452700/0300. More information is available at The financial collection organised by Charita ČR [Caritas Czech Republic] is intended for the financing of humanitarian aid to be delivered to Ukrainian citizens affected by the war. The account number is 55660022/0800. Please use 104 as your donation’s variable symbol. For more information, visit The whole statement by Freedom for Ukraine Initiative is here.

Filip Neusser Chairman National Sports Agency

Jakub Líčka Secretary General Charita Česká republika

Petr Koblic President Federation of European Securities Exchanges

Jevhen Perebyjnis Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine in the Czech Republic


This appeal is organised in cooperation with the Embassy of Ukraine in the Czech Republic.

Contribute financially and append your signature to the appeal!

This will support the Czech government’s legitimate efforts to secure funds to defend Ukraine from the invaders.

These data will not be published.

Author of painting: Olena Papka (Lviv)

The appeal has already been supported by

Filip Neusser, President of National Sports Agency

Petr Koblic, President of Federation of European Securities Exchanges

Jan Hasenöhrl, Head of Czech National Symphony Orchestra

prof. Jaromír Astl, otorhinolaryngologist

Jan Sýkora, Co-owner of Wood & Company

Tomáš Petříček, former Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs

Petr Kolář, diplomat

Jakub Líčka, General Secretary of Charita ČR

Mirek Topolánek, former Czech Prime Minister

Martin Jan Stránský, neurologist

Jiří Pehe, political scientist

Petr Pavel, Former Chief of General Staff of the Czech Army

prof. Andrej Sukop, plastic surgeon

prof. Jan Pirk, cardiac surgeon

Ivan Gabal, sociologist

prof. David Netuka, neurosurgeon

assoc. prof. Rastislav Hromádka, orthopedist

prof. Vojtěch Havlas, orthopedist

assoc. prof. Jan Bláha, anesthesiologist

assoc. prof. Martin Matoulek, endocrinologist

prof. Libor Paša, orthopedist

prof. David Cibula, gynecologic oncologist

Jiří Burian, musician

Bára Nesvadbová, writer and journalist

Jan Teplý ml., actor

Eliška Bučková, model and singer

Michaela Badinková, actress

Michal Dlouhý, actor

Barbora Štěpánová, actress

Ivo Kahánek, pianist

Jan Hřebejk, director

Libor Sionko, footballer

Dana Bérová, former Ministress of informatics

Klára Spilková, golfer

Tomáš Verner, figure skater

Jiří Šlégr, hockeyist

Pavel Nedvěd, fotballer

Filip Jícha, handball player

Jiří Welsch, basketball player

Zuzana Hejnová, athlete

Kryštof Krýzl, alpine skier

Jiří Sýkora, athlete

Patrik Šorm, athlete

Martin Konečný, gymnast

Lada Vondrov, athlete

Petr Koukal, badminton player

Radek Juška, athlete

Aleš Háma, actor, entertainer

Committee of the Czech Golf Federation

Ondřej Kúdela, footballer

Financial collection by the Embassy of Ukraine in the Czech Republic